New Book Release & Cool Reader Tee’s

Hey nikophytes!

I’m super excited and glad that today is the day I get to sit back, sip my tea, and feel all the love you guys feel for us. As authors we work hard and it’s sad to say that some people think that we are lazy people who just sit down all day. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is most of us have extremely busy lives outside of writing. We end up staying awake after our children and spouses are asleep just trying to stay on top of our stories and not let you down. We juggle kids, jobs, and spouses and sometimes we get the raw end of the deal.

But I digress, I have a story “Playing With Fire” debuting on the 20th and today I feel extra special and grateful that there is a day for little ole me lol. You can pre-order Playing with Fire here—-> at 50% off. It will go up to 4.99 once it goes live.


I also wanted to let you guys know about something special I have come up with in recognition of NaNoWriMo and National Author Day…….

READER TEE’S & HOODIES!!!!! Share them on fb & Twitter!!!

limited-edition-book-snob-1446470825430 limited-edition-like-a-boss-1446471159558 new-book-boyfriend-1446473422643

Available in Different Colors and Styles!

Like a Boss:
Book Snob:
Book Boyfriend:

Live Long & Prosper,



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